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Our Practice

In our practice we strive for excellence through superior patient care and satisfaction. Our focus is you and the health of your spine which leads to overall better health.  Remove the interference from the spine and the nervous system functions better!


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What We Do

Dr. Stover primarily uses the Impulse adjusting instrument and drop tables to perform his adjustments.  He chooses this because it is gentle and specific.  Although a good "pop" can feel good, the adjustment is purely about restoring proper motion in the joint and improving the brain/body connection which in turn increases the body's healing response.  


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All About Chiropractic Care

What is chiropractic care?


Pain is often the last thing to show up, it's your body's alarm to signal to you something is wrong.  We don't recommend waiting for pain before getting adjusted though, that would be like using our awesome iphones for a door stop..... it works but it can do so much more :) 

Finding and adjusting small spinal restrictions called subluxations is chiropractic's one and only goal.  Subluxations create interference in nerve impulses, without proper nerve flow our brain/body communication is not at it's best and of course we all know it can cause pain as well.  


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