Priority 1: Get you well Priority 2: Keep you well
Priority 1: Get you well                                                                  Priority 2: Keep you well

Patient Testimonials

Still unsure if chiropractic treatment is right for you? See what other patients are saying about their experience with our practice.

Immune boost from Chiropractic...... it's true!  After months and months of Harvey having a runny nose, I finally thought to get him adjusted at our chiro (DUH!). Two weeks without a runny nose now. So happy!  ~  Mikah


Pregnant patients LOVE us  "I LOVE going to Dr. Stover for several reasons. First reason is he's the most comfortable helpful Chiro I've ever been to. I never have felt pressured to come back for follow up appointments (which others always do), my athletic/ excercise issues were always solved so I could return quickly to running or working out. Second and most important reason, I trusted you guys to take good care of me while I was pregnant. You helped me with all the normal back issues and always took into consideration my pregnancy and gave me good tips for at home techniques to relieve pain."  ~  Jessica



Small Adjustments for Pain Relief  "For a number of years, I had been bothered by back and arthritic hip pain. Then the pain became worse suddenly. Doctors I saw only recommended surgery or heavy pain killers. Then I was told about Dr. Stover by a friend so I went to see him. After a few adjustments, I experienced great relief and have continued to improve since."  ~  Dan



Our entire family sees Dr. Stover  "I recommend Dr. Stover 110%! My family and I have been patients of his for several years now and have never been unhappy with his care. He has cured my sons migraines and has helped my daughter through many, many basketball and softball injuries. If you are in need of any time of medical care, consult with him first. I think you will be pleased."  ~  Judith


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