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I resisted going to visit a chiropractor my entire first pregnancy... I finally went to see Dr. Stover for some pain I was having later and took my infant as well. I watched him improve her neck motion before my eyes. During my second pregnancy, I went regularly and was much more comfortable up until delivery day. My second delivery was also much easier! I didn’t hesitate to take my 2nd baby to see him. He’s very gentle and great with little ones.
No delay in my appointment time. The staff was courteous and professional.  The doctor explained  medical details perfectly and very professional.  I would rate stover chiropractic 6 plus stars.
I went to see Dr. Stover because my upper back hurt, after a few weeks of care my back felt great but also noticed my heartburn was gone. I'd never even thought about chiropractic for anything but back pain but now I know there's a lot more! Now I get adjusted regularly and feel better than ever. Thank you!
My son struggled with allergies and getting the "sniffles" a lot and some ear infections. When we started getting adjusted regularly as a family I was amazed how much better my son was, no more sniffles, allergies were better and he was sleeping much much better. Now we all get adjusted once a month and my kids love going.
I was told by a spinal surgeon I would need neck surgery because I have a bulging disc but I didn't want to. I heard about the spinal decompression and thought why not it can't hurt. I went through the 24 visits of decompression and my neck pain and numbness in my arm was gone! No surgery thank God.
If you're scared of a chiropractor you won't be of Dr. Stover! I really really didn't want to go because I was afraid to get popped, but was set at ease very quickly by Dr. Stover. He showed me how he adjusts with his impulse tool (he said it's like a jackhammer vs a sledgehammer :) the clicker still adjusts the joint but it happens a little at a time instead of all at once like how other chiropractors do. He didn't speak badly of others and is not against getting popped but explained why he chooses to adjust the way he does. If you've put off going because you're scared you should try Stover Chiropractic!


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