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Finding a honest, straight forward and trustworthy chiropractor doesn't have to be a stressful experience; I treat each and every patient as if they were part of his own family.  Nationally and State board certified, my first goal is to resolve your current condition as soon as possible and hopefully keep you feeling great through wellness care each month.  Wellness care is a lot like eating right and exercising; we achieve the best results when it's part of a healthy lifestyle not just used "as needed".   I WILL NOT pressure you into continuing this care, ultimately that is up to each individual patient but when you see patients walking in and out of our office smiling instead of hurting you can bet they're one of the wellness patients.  Sometimes we get used to our daily aches and forget just how good we can feel!

Shiloah Stover, D.C.



Bio: Shiloah graduated in 2005 from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, MO with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and Bachelor's of Science in Human Biology.  Although this is where his education began, he continues to take post graduate seminars and courses to keep up with the latest treatments, therapies, and diagnostics available. 


Prior to attending CCC-KC Shiloah grew up in Colby, KS a small town in northwest Kansas.  In high school Shiloah suffered a neck injury while playing basketball and visited a chiropractor for the first time.  Seeing how chiropractic care not only relieved his neck pain but improved his overall health and athletic performance he decided to follow this path for his career.  


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